Web content filtering solutions

Based in Bedfordshire, we offer a range of reliable and effective content filtering solutions to help protect your business.

If you choose Data Network Solutions as your online security experts, we promise:

  • Smart, sophisticated content filtering
  • Web regulations compliance
  • Fast deployment – usually within 24 hours
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From complex AV solutions to simple satellite installations

Online security – a business essential

With multiple staff and devices to manage, and with many work activities centred on computers and the internet, there are many potential risks and threats to your communications and data. With this in mind, the need for robust online security products has never been more essential.

How can our IT experts help?

Identity threats, data breaches and malicious attacks pose a genuine risk to businesses in the age of modern technology – but our fantastic security and content filtering solutions offer ultimate peace of mind that your data and communications are protected to the highest of standards.

AV solutions of any size or scale

Content filtering capabilities

The implementation of internet security tools will benefit your business in many ways, with a variety of functions to keep you safe online. Here are some of ways our web content filtering products can help your business:

Block websites

Prevent staff from accessing distracting social media sites, or websites with unsafe, adult or inappropriate content.

Email filtering

From creating blocked lists, to automatic rejection of emails that may carry a security risk, we’ll keep your inbox clean.

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Monitor & detect

Automatic scanning of your files, comms and connections ensure any threats are detected and dealt with quickly.

Spam protection

Unsolicited ‘spam’ emails can clog up your inbox, so we’ll redirect as many as possible into your spam folder.

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This can be from ways to protect your PC, to vulnerabilities that have recently been discovered in operating systems, social networks, or even email clients. To benefit from the DNS Feed, drop us an email using the button below.

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Other features and benefits

TV aerial installations and repairs

Complete control over what your employee’ web access

Picture Filters

Develop and uphold internet usage policies

Mail System

Improve staff productivity by removing time-wasting distractions


Access your tools from any device, at any time, from anywhere

Custom Pages

Adjust settings and view reports via your personalised, user dashboard

Based near Dunstable, we can provide online security and content filtering solutions to clients in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and North London, or anywhere in the UK – for more information please call us on 0330 9000 090.

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